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Guest column: Spare the empty promises on forest management

Categories: Forestry
Region: United States; US West
Oct 20, 2014
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Everyone loves a good story. But please spare Montanans empty promises about the future of our national forests. In Washington, D.C., it’s often easier to make noise than progress. That’s certainly the case with H.R. 1526, the so-called “Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act.” The name sounds great, but the fact is this radical bill has zero chance of becoming law and thus no chance of making a difference. The bill is an ideological cousin of proposals to get rid of the Forest Service and “transfer” national forests to state or private interests. These are both hare-brained ideas that fall flat at the first breath of logic.

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Company & Business News

Timber Harvests Rise Four Years Running

Categories: Company & Business News
Region: Canada; United States
Oct 20, 2014
Woodworking Network

SEATTLE -- Timber harvests in North America have increased up for four consecutive years, reaching 510 million metric tons, according to Wood Resources International. Softwood harvests in the United States were up 3 percent in 2013, driven primarily by higher log exports to Asia and increased domestic lumber production. Higher manufacturing of hardwood lumber and of OSB were the main drivers of the increase in hardwood timber harvests last year.

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