9 impressive parametric structures made of wood

By Saili Sawantt
Parametric Architecture
September 16, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Wood is a versatile material, be it the Rapana Street Library made out of 240 pieces of wood to the world’s longest parametric plywood wall framework at the Istanbul Airport to building an entire wooden skyscraper in Canada; this material has proven to be relevant, now more than ever. With the advent of climate change and an affinity towards acting on it, designers are actively opting for materials other than concrete. In this scenario, wood has come up to the rescue. The merit is up to the point that designers and developers see wood as the next mass construction material that goes by the changing climatic situation. Many countries are adapting this material to reach their environmentally conscious goals by reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, in the advent of a technological era, wooden construction has blended with parametric design and computational methods. These have enhanced the versatility of modern wood constructions over traditional wooden joints. 

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