A nation ablaze

By Drew Anderson
Winnipeg Free Press
July 8, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada is burning. Wildfires are consuming record-breaking chunks of the country thanks to a dry, hot spring. Choking smoke, increasingly common in Western Canada during fire season, blanketed more populous eastern cities and led to more coverage and concern for what’s happening when it comes to Canada’s wildfires. Hot conditions, lightning, human carelessness, and forests left cluttered and itching for rebirth have all contributed to the infernos this year. …Typically, nearly half of all wildfires in Canada are caused by lightning strikes, but that can vary from region to region and from month to month. The B.C. government says the majority of wildfires each year are caused by lightning, while in Alberta, the majority are caused by humans — including from off-road vehicles, campfires, fireworks, ammunition, industrial activity, agriculture, power lines and some arson. 

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