Alberta’s fight against wildfires could drag on all summer, official says

By Wallis Snowdon
CBC News
May 17, 2023
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, Canada West

Alberta’s unprecedented wildfire crisis threatens to drag on through the summer months. As of Wednesday afternoon, 91 wildfires are burning inside Alberta’s forest protection areas, and 27 are classified as out of control, Alberta Wildfire information unit manager Christie Tucker said. Firefighters are bracing for a long, gruelling season, and Tucker said Alberta has enlisted the help of nearly 1,000 out-of-province firefighters from across Canada and the U.S. so far. …But Alberta Wildfire information officer Josee St-Onge said Wednesday that the number of fires means it will be “a long battle” to stop them. “Given the amount of fire we’re currently seeing on the landscape, it will be months before all these fires are brought under control, unless we get a significant shift in the weather that brings a lot of moisture,” she said. …Hot, dry and windy conditions are expected to continue throughout Western Canada, potentially creating more intense and unpredictable fires

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