B.C. port strike Day 7: Union, employers association trade barbs

Canadian Press in the Edmontol Journal
July 7, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

VANCOUVER — Opposition members of the B.C. legislature have added their voices to business and political groups demanding action to end a week-old strike at more than 30 west coast ports. A statement issued Friday by B.C. United members said NDP Premier David Eby must call on the federal government to intervene… The B.C. Council of Forest Industries was also calling for federal intervention or for dock workers and port employers to reach a quick resolution. The organization’s chief economist, Kurt Niquidet, said some forest companies were mulling shipments by rail or truck to get their lumber to the United States, but that was not an option for companies needing access to Asian markets, he said. Federal Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan has urged the two sides to use mediators and resume talks, while officials in Alberta and Saskatchewan agree with the B.C. United members, Council of Forest Industries and others demanding federal legislation to end the strike.

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