‘Bats don’t like wind turbines’: scientists flag habitat fears after Finnish forest study

By Andrew Lee
January 5, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Bats “don’t like wind turbines” and are steering clear of the growing number of forest-based projects in Finland, according to an academic study that flags possible damaging impacts on the creatures’ habitats. Studies of seven forest wind farms on Finland’s west coast showed two bat species keeping up to 1km or more between themselves and the turbines, according to researchers from the Universities of Turku and Helsinki. The team spent a summer observing bats including the Northern, Finland’s most common type, and the Myotis group of species. “Our results showed that bat presence was impacted by the presence of wind turbines as both studied groups were found more often further away from the wind turbines,” said lead author Simon Gaultier. “It is not yet clear if bats avoid the wind turbines themselves, or the surrounding area”, Gaultier added. 

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