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The BC Community Forest Association
August 30, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Each year at the BCCFA conference we hear from a number forest professionals. As wildfires raged across the province this month, some of our past conference speakers were called upon to share their perspectives and insights on the situation. Check out what they are saying as BC has the biggest fire year ever.  Lennard Joe, RPF and CEO of BC First Nations Forestry Council acknowledged that the catastrophic intensity of wildfires fires has grown, as has the impact on wildlife and berry producing areas. Kira Hoffman is a UBC Fire Ecologist and a friend and colleague of the BCCFA was interviewed by CBC News. Bruce Blackwell, Robert Gray and Sarah Dickson-Hoyle were featured in an article by Gordon Hoekstra, in the Vancouver Sun: 20 years after devastating Kelowna wildfires, what have we learned? These professionals continue to advocate for significant increases in provincial funding for proactive fuel reduction. Click the Read More to see the full newsletter.

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