BC judge slams Save Old Growth for using front-line protesters as ‘sacrificial lambs’

By Cheryl Chan
The Vancouver Sun
August 27, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

A B.C. judge has slammed an environmental activist group for using protesters as “sacrificial lambs” in its campaign to draw attention to old-growth logging using high-profile but disruptive traffic blockades. Provincial court judge Laura Bakan had harsh words for Save Old Growth during the sentencing hearing for Ian Schortinghuis, a 30-year-old protester who was arrested… in three separate protests. Bakan said Schortinghuis is “unsophisticated,” “sincere and without guile.” “He appears to be the type of person these groups entice and basically use as sacrificial lambs for their causes”. …The judge noted that “if they are saying, ‘we are going to have so many people arrested,’ that is like using people as cannon fodder,” she said. “It is generally not the strategists that are on the front line.” …The judge sentenced Schortinghuis to time served, 24 months probation and 125 hours community service.

Additional coverage in CBC News, by Jason Proctor: B.C. judge lambastes conservation group for using protesters as ‘cannon fodder’

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