BC Wood Export Training Course 3 – International Distribution & Pricing

The BC Wood Specialties Group
February 20, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

BC Wood’s third course in its new 2023 Export Training Program focuses on how to work through distributors to drive international revenue and the importance of getting your international pricing right. Many BC wood product companies that have sold into Canadian and US markets often find that selling direct outside of North America is very difficult, time consuming or due to time zone challenges, just doesn’t work. Working through distributors or agents is the best option for these new markets, but how do Canadian wood product companies find good, trustworthy and capable partners and set proper margins that help them sell? The ETP course introduces the concept of indirect sales through partners in target markets, and best practices around setting good margins and dealing with international pricing. Topics include reviewing the benefits of indirect sales, determining partner obligations in-market, validating good partners, setting favourable margins to drive sales and determining international pricing and costs.

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