Biden Administration Starts Rolling Out Proposed Building Materials Rules

By Erik Sherman
February 14, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

President Joe Biden mentioned his plan to require more US-manufactured materials in federal construction and federally-funded state and local building. Now the Office of Management and Budget has set out a proposed rule and guidance as required. The results could end up stricter than the administration’s earlier suggestions. In the past, products could qualify as domestically made if at least 55% of the value of their components were from the US. …The administration started to increase the percentage of value from 55% to an intermediate 60%, in operation now, and then to 75%. …The NAHB put together a table of some notable changes. Although iron and steel seem to have the same treatment as before, many things do not. …Lumber? From initial debarking through treatment and planning must be performed in the US. …Could a mix between US and Canadian dimensional lumber for a project suffice? No.

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