Biden to boost biotech to tackle cancer, climate change

By Ariel Wittenberg
E&E News
September 12, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden will sign an executive order today to bolster the bioengineering industry, creating an initiative that will support both his Cancer Moonshot initiative tand the administration’s goal to tackle climate change. …“The power of biotechnology extends far beyond health care,” one official said. “It will enable us to transition away from chemicals that rely on oil towards cleaner, safer and more reliable alternatives.” …The White House will also host a summit on the initiative tomorrow during which Cabinet agencies are expected to announce a wide range of new investments to aid the industries, including increasing mandatory bio-based purchasing by federal agencies and expanding the existing BioPreferred program to ramp up the use of renewable agricultural materials. …A White House fact sheet on the executive order notes that biotechnology can program microbes to produce specialty chemicals and compounds in a process called biomanufacturing.

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