Bill Gates’ Voice Reverberates Further Than The Inflation Reduction Act For Saving Forests

By Ken Silverstein
September 1, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: United States

Bill Gates

…The Inflation Reduction Act dedicates resources to fighting forest fires —  saving trees. But this issue is … worldwide, requiring some heavy-hitters in the corporate universe. “People cut down trees not because people are evil; they do it when the incentives to cut down trees are stronger than the incentives to leave them alone,” writes Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.’s founder. “So we need political and economic solutions, including paying countries to maintain their forests, enforcing rules designed to protect certain areas, and making sure rural communities have different economic opportunities so they don’t have to extract natural resources just to survive.” …The Inflation Reduction Act may be a catalyst for climate cures in America. But this country’s policies are limited and represent a slice of the international mosaic. That’s why Bill Gates’ voice carries a lot of weight — words that can echo globally and can cause countries and companies to take life-changing action.

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