Buckle up Canada, the recession has arrived

By Tristin Hopper
The National Post
January 9, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: Canada

It’s basically unanimous that whatever Canada’s economic foibles right now, they’re almost certainly going to get worse. All the usual suspects within Canadian banking have been forecasting a contraction of the economy since the fall, and some are guessing it’s already happening. …Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ditched his usual tack of pretending that everything is going great. …So what bone-chilling horrors will be brought to bear by the coming economic reckoning? Here’s a sampling:

  • Real estate values are going to keep plunging (obviously)
  • Say goodbye to all those “help wanted” signs everywhere
  • Your government’s not going to bail you out this time
  • Crypto’s gone (and so are NFTs)
  • Which sectors getting hit hardest? Tech, probably
  • Rent is going to remain unbelievably high

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