Burning native forest wood waste for electricity shouldn’t be classed as renewable energy, Senate report suggests

By Adam Morton and Sarah Martin
The Guardian
August 31, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

AUSTRALIA — A Labor-led committee has recommended the government consider changing a controversial law classifying electricity from burning native forest wood waste as renewable energy after the Senate votes for its climate change legislation. The Senate committee inquiry into Labor’s climate change bill also recommended the Albanese government consider how to help with “transition arrangements” for fossil fuel workers affected by the shift to a cleaner economy. The recommendations were backed by the Greens, which described them as “good steps forward”. The party’s leader, Adam Bandt, said the committee had supported the need for work on “stopping burning native forests for energy and establishing a transition authority for coal and gas workers”. …The independent senator David Pocock, who has indicated he believed the bill should pass and whose vote would be enough for it to clear parliament, said he would introduce several amendments.

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