Canada has committed to protect nature. Now it’s time to get to work

By Catherine Grenier, CEO
The Nature Conservancy in the Montreal Gazette
February 6, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

In December, the world united around a global plan to protect and restore nature. …To ensure we meet our targets this time — most notably, to conserve 30 per cent of our country’s lands and waters by 2030 — we must work together and collectively measure our success. All of society, united for our natural world. …Just last month, as a result of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s efforts to broker and fund an agreement between NCC, Interfor and the Province of B.C., 75,000 hectares of rare inland temperate rainforest in the Incomappleux Valley has been protected. This monumental achievement for nature could not have happened without trust and collaboration across sectors. …That said, these achievements are still not enough. We now need to double down with urgency, because 30 per cent is no arbitrary figure. …Today, Canada is sitting at just under 14 per cent of the country’s land conserved.

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