Canada slammed Doug Ford for axing cap-and-trade. Now it’s defending him from Koch Industries

By Fatima Syed
The Narwhal
September 7, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, United States

Justin Trudeau & Doug Ford

In 2021, Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford took their two-year clash over climate policy to the Supreme Court of Canada. …Eventually, the federal government won, confirming its constitutional right to impose a carbon price on provinces without stringent emissions-reduction policies in place: Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. But now, in a different court at the World Bank, Canada is defending the Ford government’s cancellation of Ontario’s cap-and-trade program in an international battle with megacorporation Koch Industries. …The company is unhappy that Ford’s election led California to delink its cap-and-trade system from Ontario, preventing it from transferring emissions credits it had bought in the province to the U.S. So, via the North American Free Trade Agreement, the global giant has launched an investor-state dispute settlement case. …Koch is seeking US$30 million to recoup its lost investment into the Ontario program, which it was going to use to help offset emissions from its California factories.

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