Canada’s foresters play an important role in protecting the environment

Letter by Derek Nighbor, President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada
The Waterloo Region Record
November 4, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Re: Ottawa urged to come clean — Nov. 2 In this article, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Nature Canada are promoting their latest misleading report, suggesting that Canada is dramatically underestimating carbon emissions from forest operations. At the same time, these groups also actively lobby US-based customers and state governments to stop sourcing forest products from Canada, making one question their true agenda. …For every tree that Canada’s foresters sustainably harvest and regenerate, twenty-five are being damaged or destroyed by natural disturbance. …Instead of acknowledging the contributions Canadian foresters play in mitigating growing fire risks, protecting carbon rich wetlands, building carbon-storing wood products, and creating environmentally friendly products from what would otherwise be wood waste, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Nature Canada appear satisfied with propagating their self-serving and dangerous agenda.

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