Canadian Wood Council report reinforces safety of mass timber demonstration fire tests results

August 24, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

The findings from Canada’s most extensive mass timber demonstration fire tests project led by the Canadian Wood Council (CWC) have been finalized in a comprehensive report titled: Large-Scale Fire Tests of a Mass Timber Building Structure for MTDFTP (Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Program). Led by the CWC … the goal of the program is to create and disseminate valuable fire performance data to construction sector stakeholders and building and fire safety regulators to inform market acceptance of larger and taller mass timber buildings in Canada. “We are very pleased by the report findings which solidify the position of mass timber as a safe construction material,” said Robert Jonkman, P.Eng., vice president of Codes and Engineering at CWC. “This scientific proof of mass timber’s exceptional structural fire performance helps address concerns about its suitability for use in larger and taller building applications.”

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