Carrier Lumber president backs First Nation plea to restore local forest policy decision making

By Ted Clarke
Prince George Citizen
July 3, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Carrier Lumber president Bill Kordyban is among a growing chorus of dissent getting louder in protest over how B.C. forests are being managed by the provincial government. He’s convinced there’s a better way to support an ailing forest industry left reeling from the impacts of mill closures and job losses. To do that, Kordyban says the province’s forestry ministry has no choice but to give up a large chunk of its fiefdom. …“My takeaway from that meeting is more deference has to be given from Victoria to those who want to manage the forest for the greater good, rather than just simply consuming it and leaving it to chance what happens in the forest,” said Kordyban. …Fifteen or 20 years ago, B.C. was one of the lowest producers of forest products in North America. Now, the cost of doing business is among the highest anywhere, and Kordyban blames that squarely on the province.

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