Conservationists invoke Clayoquot anniversary to press old-growth preservation

By Derrick Penner
The Vancouver Sun
August 29, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

VANCOUVER — B.C. conservation groups have launched a new campaign to pressure government on protecting old-growth forests on the anniversary of the seminal 1993 Clayoquot Sound protests. The blockade won some protections for Clayoquot Sound, but the Sierra Club of B.C. argues logging in Vancouver Island’s remaining ancient stands hasn’t slowed. Since 1993, according to a Sierra Club mapping project, some 35 per cent of the old-growth forest that stood at that time has been logged. …“A breakthrough to reverse this pattern and safeguard our best ally in the fight against the climate emergency will require much greater support from the provincial and federal governments to overcome deeply entrenched industrial logging interests,” said Wieting, a forest and climate campaigner. …Logging deferrals have been controversial for B.C.’s forest industry, which has argued that the province has already protected significant swaths of old-growth forests, and reducing access to valuable timber would come at the expense of existing forestry jobs.

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