Conserving forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems in B.C. has global impact

By Nancy Newhouse, Nature Conservancy, BC
BC Local News in Parksville Qualicum Beach News
December 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

This week and next governments, scientists and conservation experts… will set a course to end nature loss around the world and to create a nature-positive future. But what does that really mean for us, here in British Columbia? …When I look around my local landscape in the East Kootenay, I can see the growing impact of our activities on the forests, waterways and open spaces that surround our towns and cities. I believe most of us know we need to find a better balance in how we coexist with these places. Consider our wetlands, for example. …The loss has been substantial in places like the South Okanagan and Vancouver Island, where over 85 per cent of historical wetland habitat has been drained, filled or otherwise damaged. And still these places are under increasing pressure from development, overuse and climate change. …But we can reverse these trends. In fact, we’re well underway.

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