Cross-laminated timber and the city’s climate goals

Letter by David Gagnon, Junior Architect, Architecture49 Inc.
August 26, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

David Gagnon

The Greater Sudbury Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) outlines a plan for an increase in regreening efforts as part of its goals to increase carbon sequestration. …the desired outcome for 2050 is to quadruple carbon sequestration rates. I am wondering if there might be a way to incorporate a circular economy within this system. Canada already has a robust, sustainable forestry sector; surely there is some overlap between this existing sector, local  carbon sequestration goals, and housing? …My proposal is this: use enhanced sustainable forestry methods already in place in Canada as a way to sequester carbon and as a way to provide materials for sustainable and affordable  housing developments in the city. …Cross-laminated timber panels … are an excellent solution that sequesters large amounts of carbon… A local CLT manufacturer would suit Northern Ontarian building practices and sustainably promote job and industry growth in the region. 

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