Discussing Nicola Valley’s forestry industry

By Marius Auer
The Merritt Herald
February 14, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

MERRITT, BC — Recent economic challenges throughout B.C.’s forestry have been felt in the Nicola Valley lately, with Aspen Planers closing their mill for more than five weeks, only reopening last week for a limited run. While the length of the re-opening is up in the air due to what Aspen Planers has said is stalled ‘reconciliation negotiations’ on cutting permits with local First Nations, the mill’s 150 employees are back on the job for now. …MLA Jackie Tegart, who represents the Nicola Valley said “There’s a great deal of concern about forestry, and about the lack of support for resource industries as a whole by the government”. …“Forestry has been cyclical for many, many years, but what I’m hearing from people is that they get a sense that their government doesn’t see a future in the industry.

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