Disgruntled customer found to have defamed a BC wood products company

By Keith Fraser
The Vancouver Sun
August 31, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

A disgruntled customer who was found to have defamed a BC wood products company in his Google and Yelp reviews has been ordered by a judge to pay $90,000 in damages. Tyler Ginther posted online reviews about Longhouse Specialty Forest Products, claiming that the company was fraudulent and deceitful. …Ginther was constructing a house and discussed the products of the Parksville company, which specializes in custom cut and stained cedar, fir and hemlock. Ginther claimed in online reviews that the company defrauded, scammed or deceived him by charging him for cedar siding they knew he had not ordered. …“I find that Mr. Ginther acted with malice when he posted the Yelp review,” said the judge.” …Greg Allen, a Vancouver defamation lawyer, said that if you want to review a business on Google or Yelp, you should be mindful to keep your language measured and careful.

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