Don’t leave Halloween pumpkins in woodlands, people warned

By Woodland Trust and Forestry England
Sky News UK
October 31, 2022
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: United States, US East

The Woodland Trust and Forestry England warned revellers the fruit can lead to a series of problems for creatures – including hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and birds – and spread disease. …Kate Wollen, assistant ecologist at Forestry England, said: “We see many posts on social media encouraging people to leave pumpkins in the woods for wildlife to eat, but please do not do this. “Pumpkins are not natural to the woodland and while some wildlife may enjoy a tasty snack it can make… birds, foxes, badgers, deer, and boar unwell and can spread disease. …Pumpkin flesh can attract colonies of rats and also has a really detrimental effect on woodland soils, plants and fungi.” People are being urged to turn their pumpkin into soup or even into a birdfeeder – or add to the garden compost.

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