Drought and moths push the trees of Vancouver’s Stanley Park to the brink

By Nono Shen
Canadian Press in Vancouver is Awewome
October 13, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

VANCOUVER — First came the moths. Then came the drought. The trees of Stanley Park, typically the green jewel of Vancouver’s downtown core, just can’t catch a break. Experts say large numbers of browning trees appear dead or dying, because of a one-two combination of foliage-munching grubs and an exceptionally dry weather spell… City of Vancouver arborist Joe McLeod said trees already stressed by infestations of western hemlock looper moth larva have been further pushed toward breaking point by the prolonged summer-like conditions. …Richard Hamelin, the department head of forest conservation sciences at the University of British Columbia, agreed that it’s not just the ongoing problem of the looper moths that is killing trees. “The heat and the drought are like additional stress that affects those trees,” said Hamelin. …McLeod has put out a request for proposals, asking experts to come up with suggestions about how to manage the moth outbreak. 

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