Elphinstone Chronicles: Let’s make a racket for our watershed

By Faye Keiwitz
Sunshine Coast Reporter
May 15, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

We’re in Stage One water restrictions. If you’re not concerned yet, our watershed is about to be logged. If you think we’re having problems with drought, flooding, salmon runs and water sources now, logging the face of Elphinstone could knock everything we’ve seen so far right out of the park. Polar Geosciences Ltd. released a comprehensive assessment of the Mount Elphinstone Watershed, completed for BC Timber Sales (BCTS) on March 7. Our local Elphinstone Community Association (ECA), along with the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association (SCCA) published a response to this BCTS hydrology report last week that got me plenty concerned. …Maybe not surprising, the conclusions drawn from that information seem eager to justify BCTS’s mandate to profit off a pretty sensitive patch of forest. …I grew up in a RivTow family of the ‘80s; This isn’t an anti-logging industry narrative. There is a great deal of Crown land we could log. 

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