Europe’s energy crisis: Wood industry booms before winter of discontent

By David Hutt
My Europe
October 14, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Amid a Europe-wide energy crisis, the Czech Republic has had amongst the steepest increase in costs. The July 2022 Household Energy Prices Index found that the country was paying the most for electricity when adjusted to purchasing power parity. …It’s obvious to all that Europe is heading towards a winter of discontent, made all the worse by an expected cold snap across the continent… In anticipation of surging energy bills, greater numbers of Europeans are turning to wood to heat themselves up this winter. But the story is the same across the continent: firewood prices are spiking, warehouses have filled their waiting lists until next year, and concerns have been raised that all this will lead to major environmental problems. Government agencies have expressed concerns about illegal logging, as people are expected to venture into the forests to cut down their own fuel, although some politicians have been more lax than others.

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