Europe’s wood energy markets are on a steep ascent

UN Economic Commission for Europe
November 4, 2022
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: International

A large part of Europe is increasingly exposed to highly volatile prices of heating oil, natural gas and coal. …This vulnerability exposes the urgent need for a faster transition to sustainable renewable energy sources, concluded participants of the 80th session of the Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI). …COFFI highlighted that while the consumption of key wood-based products (pulp and paper, wood-based panels and sawn wood) now faced sharp declines due to the economic downturn, the wood energy markets (pellets and traditional fuelwood) are on a steep ascent. Countries in the European Union (EU) burned about 23.1 million tonnes of wood pellets in 2021. It is expected that their consumption in 2022 will reach more than 24 million tonnes and increase even more in the future due to soaring fossil fuel prices and increased demand by individual households.

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