Eyes on Eby to support struggling B.C. forestry sector

By Rob Shaw
Business in Vancouver
January 14, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Rob Shaw

Hopes are high in B.C.’s forestry sector that Premier David Eby might be ready to offer up some sort of financial assistance to a beleaguered industry that is shutting down mills and laying off hundreds of people. …Eby is set to speak to the Natural Resources Forum in Prince George and the BC Truck Loggers convention in Vancouver. He’d get standing ovations at both if he committed to some sort of government assistance. Instead, more than likely, he’ll …stall for time by making vague promises about boosting the “value-added” sector of the industry through “innovation.” It sounds good, but it never happens. It requires forest companies to invest millions in retooling their mills to produce those new “value-added” products, and they seize up with hesitancy because they can’t get straight answers out of the province on key issues of forest policy. …Someone should break the cycle of dysfunction between the New Democrat administration and the major players of B.C.’s forestry sector. 

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