Fairy Creek controversy exposes racism (but not where you might think)

By Josiah Haynes
Resource Works
December 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The ‘cannon fodder’ arrested at Fairy Creek in 2021 have seemingly had enough, failing to show up this year in large numbers – perhaps after realizing they were being spun a false narrative. Instead, we see angry comments on social media about how donated funds have disappeared, allegations of sexual impropriety, and disillusionment about claims that have been proven false. There’s a sense of betrayal online. One thing that did continue was the violence – even without large numbers of protestors, someone was in the woods spiking trees, vandalizing helicopter pads and plugging culverts in an effort to cause roads to wash out. What also continues is the movement’s eco-colonial approach with local First Nations. Earlier this week the Sierra Club issued a media release announcing a record number of ‘land defenders’ arrested at Fairy Creek were in court.

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