First electric logging truck to be trialled in South Australia’s Green Triangle forestry region

By Leon Georgiou and Becc Chave
ABC News Australia
September 5, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: International

AUSTRALIA — One of Australia’s largest forestry regions hopes to transform the freight industry with a local harvester trialling an electric truck. Fennell Forestry is set to take possession of the Green Triangle’s first electrified logging B-double this month with a purpose-built charging station under construction in its yard. NSW start-up Janus Electric developed the technology allowing businesses to convert their existing diesel engine trucks into electric powered vehicles, with zero emissions. …Unlike electric vehicles which plug into a charging station… “We’ve created an exchangeable battery technology to alleviate the problem of vehicles being parked to charge and fleet operators losing utilisation,” Mr Forsyth said. “There are two batteries on the truck … that go into where the fuel tanks were on the vehicle and they swap out. …South Australian Forest Products Association CEO Nathan Paine said the industry’s transition to electric vehicles would take time but was inevitable.

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