Forest Architecture: Designing Actionable Climate Solutions

By Daimen Hardie, Community Forests International and Jim Anderson, DIALOG
Canadian Architect
September 15, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada

How DIALOG and Community Forests International built one of Canada’s first forest carbon projects, combining architecture and forests for climate repair. …Wood, the most versatile and beautiful building material, is itself 50% carbon. When we construct buildings that are carefully designed to stand for centuries, with wood sourced from [sustainable] forests, we can combine architecture and forests in a way that stores more carbon for centuries. That’s why DIALOG’s team of architects, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects designed a prototype of a 105-storey, supertall, mixed-use building. An innovative combination of materials including wood, steel and concrete will maximize the use of sustainably harvested wood by volume. The result is a zero carbon high-rise designed to address increased density while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating its own energy.

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