Forest fire in Spain’s Granada, with over 3000 hectares of land now destroyed, believed to be human-started

By Cristina Hodgson
The Olive Press
September 12, 2022
Category: Forest Fires
Region: International

THE fire which started last Thursday afternoon, September 8, in Los Guajares, and has now razed through 3,000 hectares of land, is believed to be a human-caused wildfire. According to members of the Forest Fire Investigation Brigade (BIIF), the exact point at which the fire started has been identified. Specifically, at a spot few centimeters from a particular curve in the road linking the villages of Guajar Faragüit and Guajar Alto. As stated by Antonio Aguilar, head of the BIIF in Granada, natural causes such as lightning or any similar phenomenon have been ruled out as the cause of this currently ongoing fire in Granada. However, Aguilar and his team, who are currently preparing a report on the incident, are yet to decide whether the origin is intentional or the result of the negligence of a person passing through the area. 

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