Forestry teams are the first line of defence against climate change

By Yishan Wong
The World Economic Forum
January 4, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Around the world, forestry teams are hard at work restoring species-rich ecosystems that sequester carbon and benefit us all. Supporting them should be a top priority for anyone concerned about the climate crisis. When it’s done right, forest restoration can not only maximise carbon capture — it can also safeguard biodiversity and create sustainable jobs and opportunities for Indigenous people and local communities. …Last November, leaders at the COP27 climate conference in Egypt emerged with a landmark agreement aimed at protecting nature. Delegates from 26 countries formed a Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP), dedicated to halting and reversing forest loss. …Now it’s time to translate that commitment into practical action. …Here’s what they said they need in order to succeed in 2023: Access to start-up funding. …A higher bar for carbon credits. …Better seed supply. …Training, technology and tracking tools.

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