Forestry’s bright future cannot resemble a bygone era

By Richard Cannings, NDP MP South Okanagan–West Kootenay
The Hill Times
June 16, 2021
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Richard Cannings

The forest sector is facing unprecedented challenges in Canada, but with those challenges come opportunities to build a strong industry based on truly sustainable harvesting practices that can provide long-lasting, dependable jobs, preserve biodiversity, protect our watersheds, and cushion the planet from the impact of climate change. …Things looked very dire a year ago. But construction [and] U.S. housing starts, rebounded strongly last summer… [Price surges] have ameliorated the difficulties facing Canadian lumber producers in terms of softwood lumber tariffs, but it is unclear how long they will remain higher than normal. …All this upheaval is happening at a time when many analysts are examining [the role of forestry in reducing] carbon dioxide emissions around the world. …The British Columbia government recently announced that it is developing a new forest management framework, which, among other things, would provide a greater involvement of First Nations in forest management decisions and tenures. [We respect the copyrights of the source publication – full access may require a subscription]

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