Former college directors describe pressure from forestry industry over instructor’s views

By Jacques Poitras
CBC News
September 12, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

Rod Cumberland

Two former executive directors of the Maritime College of Forest Technology say that industry officials complained to them about an instructor’s anti-glyphosate views before he was fired. Robert Whitney, who retired in 2014, testified … about conversations he had about Rod Cumberland after the instructor sent out an email about glyphosate on his college account. “We can get rid of him. He has no tenure,” Whitney remembered being told at the time by Blake Brunsdon, then the chief forester for J.D. Irving Ltd. and an industry representative on the college board. And Gerry Redmond, Whitney’s successor, said he was approached by industry representatives on the college board “…to sanction Rod to prevent him from talking about the glyphosate issue.” Cumberland is suing the college for wrongful dismissal, alleging his 2019 firing … was motivated by his vocal criticism of the use of glyphosate by the forest industry. The college argues it’s because he had bullied students and undermined a colleague.

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