Fostering careers in the wood sector – Construction Foundation of BC’s Indigenous Skills Initiative

Forestry Innovation Investment
August 18, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

With advancements in wood-based products and building systems comes the need to develop the skills, ability and confidence to choose wood-based products over alternative materials. Training for current and future skill sets is vital if B.C. is to improve the capacity and effectiveness of its wood-related design and built infrastructure. In 2021/22, FII’s Wood First program funded the Construction Foundation of BC (CFBC) to expand its K-12 Indigenous Skills Initiative which encourages Indigenous youth to pursue careers in the wood sector. Starting with woodworking traditions drawn from coastal B.C., the program has created a pool of resources that allow educators to connect woodworking techniques with community practices rooted in history, language and culture. In 2021/22, fifteen unique wood discovery projects were added… using traditional skills shared by community Elders, including the book, Indigenous Skills: An Exploration of Northwest Coast Carving and Tradition, the website and a series of instructional videos.

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