France seeks EU loophole for French Guiana to power space sector with biofuels

By Chloé Farand
The Climate Home News
February 2, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

France is seeking a waiver to EU bioenergy rules that would allow the forest-covered territory of French Guiana to receive subsidies to produce biofuels for the space industry. Wedged between Brazil and Suriname, the overseas department has little in common with mainland France bar the name. …The loophole would allow French Guiana to receive public financing to produce biofuels “especially for the space sector”. Local lawmakers argue the dispensation is necessary to protect French Guiana’s forestry sector and accelerate its energy transition. But campaigners have warned the exemption risks setting an incentive for increased logging. …Authorities in French Guiana argue the EU’s proposed rules threatened the territory’s goal to move away from fossil fuels, including at the spaceport, which consumes 18% of the electricity produced locally. By 2030, French Guiana wants 25% of its electricity mix to come from woody biomass.

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