Gender reveal party ‘explodes’ into wildfire near Oliver

By Jacqueline Gelineau
The Summerland Review
July 5, 2023
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, Canada West

A gender reveal party gone wrong at Mount Baldy, near Oliver sparked a wildfire that was quickly extinguished by a group of locals. …Rob Iezzi and his friends were alerted to a rapidly-spreading blaze and immediately jumped into action on the afternoon of July 3. …Ironically, Iezzi and his wife, who run the Pink Palace Bed and Breakfast at the Mt. Baldy resort, were hosting their annual Firesmart event on the weekend of the incident. …Iezzi suspects that the fire was started when an explosive target called tannerite was shot during the gender reveal party. “Judging by all the pink powder, it was girl.” …The explosive is considered a Binary Exploding Target …The location of the fire is considered to be a “high” fire danger area. …Iezzi said “I thought it was just common sense not to blow things up in the woods during fire season.”

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