Glyphosate — a herbicide darling in Canada — linked to cancer in rats

By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson
The National Observer
October 27, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada’s most widely used pesticide can be linked to increased incidences of leukemia in rats, researchers have found. The findings come amid growing concerns about the ability of Canada’s pesticide agency to protect Canadians due to chronic transparency issues. …Researchers with the Global Glyphosate Study, a collaboration of independent researchers from universities in Europe, the U.S. and South America, found that low doses of the chemical are linked to increased cases of leukemia in rats. The findings have not yet been peer-reviewed. …The study is novel in that researchers simulated low-exposure levels that are considered safe by European, American and Canadian agencies. Its findings “call into question Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) continuing support for use of glyphosate on millions of hectares of Canadian farmland, forests and other industrial weed-killing activities,” said Friends of the Earth Canada CEO Beatrice Olivastri. [to access the full story a National Observer subscription is required]

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