Got wood? Developers are looking to trees to build tomorrow’s NY City

By Lois Weiss
The New York Post
October 27, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

They’re shouting “timber,” but nothing is falling. In fact, wood is on the rise. Architects and developers across the globe are racing to build a new breed of structures created not from the cast iron, masonry or steel of yesteryear, but from one of the planet’s most abundant renewable resources: trees. …“Mass timber is really a strong example of how to apply natural principals to buildings,” said David Briefel, at Gensler architects’ NYC office. …Although New York City developers and architects have been exploring the construction of 12- to 20-story mass-timber projects for several years, city code is just not that limber regarding timber. Yet. A new building code that allows for as-of-right shorter structures and new wood products known as “cross laminated timber” arrives Nov. 7. However, the new code will require these timber buildings to top out at just 65 feet or six stories unless an automatic sprinkler is included.

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