Greenpeace calls for Canadian forestry giant to lose its eco certification

By Zach Dubinsky
CBC News
November 8, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, International

Canada’s largest pulp-and-paper company should lose sustainability credentials because new information shows how deeply it’s linked to an Indonesian conglomerate [Asia Pulp & Paper, or APP], with a record of rainforest destruction, Greenpeace Canada says. In a complaint filed Tuesday, the environmentalist group says Paper Excellence deserves to lose its association with the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a result, because of the council’s rules against being indirectly involved in destructive forestry practices. Paper Excellence disputes the allegations. …Shane Moffatt, of Greenpeace Canada… noted that the FSC severed its relationship with APP in 2007 because it failed to meet the FSC’s standards for forestry practices. …”Paper Excellence is owned solely by Jackson Wijaya and is completely independent from Asia Pulp & Paper,” the company said Tuesday. “Paper Excellence remains in full compliance with FSC standards and policies, and successfully completed an annual independent, third-party audit of its certification recently.”

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