Greenpeace wary over Indonesian conglomerate set to acquire Resolute Forest Products

By Natasha Bulowski
The National Observer
October 24, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, International

Shareholders of Resolute Forest Products will vote on whether to sell the company for $3.7 billion to Paper Excellence. …Analysis from Greenpeace shows Paper Excellence is part of the same corporate group as Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Sinar Mas Group, both owned by the Sino-Indonesian Widjaja family. …Priyanka Vittal at Greenpeace said… “this report raises the question of who is basically going to be the dominant driver of logging in Canada.” …APP deforested an area greater than two million hectares in Indonesian. …Greenpeace describes APP and Paper Excellence as “sister companies,” both under the control of the Sinar Mas Group. …Graham Kissack, the company’s VP, said: “Paper Excellence is entirely independent of APP/Sinar Mas. It is well known that Jackson Wijaya, the ultimate owner of PE, is the son of the current leader of APP/SMG. But Jackson continues to operate PE completely independently.” [to access the full story a National Observer subscription may be required]

Additional coverage in the Halifax Observer, by Joan Baxter: Report: Paper Excellence, the owner of Northern Pulp, is part of the corporate group of Asia Pulp & Paper and Sinar Mas. This matters to Nova Scotians.

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