Growing a mass timber operation from seedlings to solutions

Business View Magazine
October 10, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Chris & Ken Kalesnikoff, and Krystle Seed

Business View Magazine interviews Chris Kalesnikoff, COO of Kalesnikoff, for our focus on Mass Timber Construction. Two years after Kalesnikoff opened its mass timber facility, buildings made from Kalesnikoff mass timber are sprouting up across the continent. From schools to offices to community centers, warehouses, multi-family homes and more, Kalesnikoff is supplying prefabricated panels and beams that arrive on site ready to fit into place like 60-foot pieces of Lego. …For Kalesnikoff, a fourth-generation family sawmill company that’s always looking to add value and make the most of every log they touch, expanding into mass timber was the next right step. Chris Kalesnikoff, Chief Operating Officer and a fourth-generation family member on the Kalesnikoff team, spent five years researching mass timber and determining if it was a worthwhile venture. Once the family made the decision to proceed, nothing could stop them – not even a global pandemic.

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