Guest column: Poor information will cost taxpayers, says pro-logging group

By the Friends of the Municipal Forest
Cowichan Valley Citizen
February 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

North Cowichan’s tax base will continue to be depleted if elected officials proceed with a flawed study that sells short forestry revenues by 100 per cent while overstating gains from carbon credits.  Since the 1960s North Cowichan has been one of a handful of small municipally owned successful forest businesses. The small forest reserve balanced environmental, recreational, and economic interests until a small but very vocal group started demanding a stop to all timber harvesting.  The reserve, which covers 5,470 hectares, has the potential to generate more than $2.1 million annually in revenue for the municipality.  …The harvest rate is also 50 per cent less than the actual rate of growth which means the forest is growing faster than it is being harvested.  …So, a small group of community leaders, professional and retired foresters reviewed the report and found significant flaws and misleading conclusions.

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