He Pioneered Carbon Offsets to Save Tropical Forests. Now the Market Is Collapsing.

By Phred Dvorak
The Wall Street Journal
October 30, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Mike Korchinsky

Mike Korchinsky helped create one of the most popular tools for cutting carbon emissions. Now he is fighting to keep that business—and his own revenue stream—alive amid a crisis of confidence that is shaking the industry he helped start. Korchinsky is a champion of carbon credits… his company, Wildlife Works, issues credits from two big conservation projects—one in a savanna of southeast Kenya and another in a rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. …A growing number of skeptics say the math behind carbon credits is squishy and that the projects don’t do as much good for the climate as they report. Last month, Korchinsky announced he was trying to regain buyers’ trust by helping start a new standard, or set of carbon-crediting procedures and best practices, for conservation projects. The standard would eliminate the concept of offsets altogether—undercutting a prime reason companies buy carbon credits now. [to access the full story, a WSJ subscription is required]

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