Heavy rain expected across northern, western Alberta: Will it be enough to dampen wildfires?

By Karen Bartko
Global News
May 22, 2023
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, Canada West

Enough rain to prompt a warning is expected in the next few days across Alberta’s foothills and to the north of Edmonton. It’s perhaps not enough to put out wildfires completely, but may help firefighters catch their breath… “This could be a turning point for the firefighters working out there on the fires,” Christie Tucker of Alberta Wildfire said during Monday’s daily fire update. Environment Canada said 50 to 75 mm of rain is expected between Monday and Wednesday. …Rain showers will continue with rainfall intensifying Monday afternoon, the national weather agency said, adding widespread heavy rain will continue until the middle of the week. …Alberta Wildfire is hoping for long steady rain that will soak into the ground, rather than short bursts that will bring lightning that could start a new wildfire. …Lightning strikes have already been detected in the Edson and Grande Prairie areas, Tucker said on the weekend.

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