Herbicide Spraying Divides BC Communities

The Tyee
September 1, 2022
Category: Forestry

Jennifer Cote is a Prince George resident who runs a “wildcraft” business harvesting plants from their natural habitat. …However, there are other factors that pose a risk to wild berries. One is herbicide spraying. Cutblocks in Prince George have been doused with herbicides like glyphosate, a possible human carcinogen, by provincial government agencies like BC Timber Sales and lumber companies for several years to kill off berries, herbaceous plants and broadleaf trees like aspen. According to James Steidle, founder of the advocacy group Stop the Spray BC, the forest industry considers these plants “pests” impeding the growth of cash crop conifers like spruce, pine and fir. In B.C., approximately 17,000 hectares of forested land has been sprayed with herbicides, primarily glyphosate-based herbicides, since 1985.

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