How did Germany become a forest powerhouse? – Let’s look at the hidden truth.

By Kim Taek-hwan
November 12, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Forests and trees are the second-largest industry in Germany after the automotive industry. With carbon neutrality and global warming, forests and trees have become even more important. Forests are the best places that provide clean oxygen, trap carbon dioxide, hold water to prevent landslides, and serve as habitats for wildlife, while also providing humans with forest products and healing and health benefits.” These were the words of Dr. Herbert Vorheer of the Bavarian Forest Office in Germany and Dr. Christoph Neijel of the Forestry Department, among other forestry experts, to the author. …Since 1974, more than 10 billion trees have been planted, and 63% of the national territory has been transformed into forests from bare mountains, writing an unprecedented success story of forestry in the world. This year, Nam Sung-hyun, the head of the Korea Forest Service, declared a ‘forestry renaissance’ to write a new history of forestry.

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